The preventive measure for reintegration support from the first hour, where the problem-solving support needs are most important for the persons concerned.


The offer of immediate support to workers who are threatened with unemployment as a result of a dismissal.


To make the best possible use of the notice period to reduce unemployment and daily allowances from the ALV. The quickest possible reintegration into the primary labour market.


The labour market measures (AMM) are economically financed by the canton on behalf of the Confederation (SECO) with 50% of the funds coming from the unemployment insurance (ALV). The ALV funds are only used once eligibility has been ensured or unemployment has been confirmed. These clarifications are made after the persons concerned have registered with a regional employment centre (RAV). The registration usually takes place after the expiry of the notice period. The AMM is intended to stabilise or increase the market attractiveness of the unemployed. This effect can have more impact during the lead time. Market attractiveness is at its best during the employment period. This is where the PerUnit comes in.

The PerUnit positions the “PALbOS” offer in the labour market, where the ordinary fundraising of the ALV takes place. PALbOS should be introduced as an AMM from the first hour and be available to all persons threatened with unemployment (PALb).

In this way, the management of constructive problem-solving starts at the source of the problem and leads the solution process, within the notice period, to shorten or avoid unemployment. Particularly in the case of short notice periods, rapid intervention in the context of support may be necessary to fulfil the requirement of job efforts before registration with the RAV.

The job notification requirement has been in place since 1 July 2018. In accordance with this successfully implemented measure, the “notice of termination” option, in order not to have to speak of a duty, is also to be introduced by the employer in consultation with the PALb. This will create a labour market exchange with skilled workers where supply and demand can be compared. The first measure for reintegration thus takes place during the notice period, before any damage has been done within the framework of the ALV. The activity of placement is thus extended in the [1]active labour market. The ALV can participate in the preventive measures to avoid unemployment, or to reduce the risk with regard to the daily allowances that may be required.

Persons who are not threatened by unemployment because the situation is also clear with regard to the labour market or a new job is already in prospect can be exempted from the notification option and from the measure.

[1] Self-proclaimed labour market perspective from the PerUnit