This year, with the support of the PerUnit, I will

  • change professionally
  • reposition myself in the labour market
  • quit my job because I do not get any development opportunities
  • look for a new challenge
  • effectively redesign my application dossier with professionals
    • create my perfect CV
    • create the best application letter I have ever had
    • analyse and use my certificates and diplomas correctly
  • bring my application skills up to the best level
  • improve my position with my current employer

Membership is easy

For CHF 200.00 I am a member for one year without automatic renewal! After 11 months, I will receive an e-mail informing me that my membership will automatically expire. Then I have the possibility to join for another year by paying the annual membership fee again. With PerUnit I have no notice periods.

As a member I benefit from

  • Course & counselling access for all available offers for one year
  • 15 minutes of free coaching for an initial consultation
  • 30 minutes of short-term counselling for e.g. problems/conflicts/bullying/termination in the work environment
  • Free participation in public events and online events
  • Informative postings about new services
  • Professional support for job and career
  • Professional support in my role & related tasks and objectives
  • Support in the development of self-direction and self-decision-making freedom

Finally there is an institution that really supports! PerUnit is committed to your concerns with action! It has never been so easy to find solutions.

How to become a member – Click on Contact, fill in the contact form, click on Become a member, send and wait. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

With PerUnit I am incomparably better!