Marcel E. Novello

MAS Coaching FHNW/HSA, Trainer mit eidg. FA

Daniela Ospelt

Trainer with Federal Diploma, CAS Labour Law, Teaching Diploma for Higher Technical Schools, HR Specialist & HR Consultant with Federal Diploma, Cert. Personal- & Businesscoach

Sindy Willkommen

Betriebswirtin IHK, Veranstaltungsfachwirtin IHK, Ausbilderin mit eidg. FA, systemic personal and business coach

Aros Petzelberger

Dipl. Coach SoC & ECA, Trainer mit eidg. FA

Dr. Iwan Gurjanow

PhD in mathematics didactics, Software Developer

Beatrice Straub Blum

MAS intercultural Coaching & Supervision IZB/PH Zug. CAS Occupational Health Promotion (Burnout), SUPSI/ FFHS, training at PH Fribourg / Lausanne Coaching of persons with autism spectrum disorders, trainer with federal FA

Roland Gruber

Development psychologist, lic. phil. I, economist, trainer with eidg. FA

Robin Egloff

MSc Mentalcoaching University of Salzburg, Dipl. Ing. FH in Systems Engineering, specialisation Medical Engineering

Stefan D. Vogt

MAS L.LM Taxation FH, Treuhänder mit eidg. FA

Rainer Beck

Bankkaufmann (IHK), Bankfachwirt (IHK), Personalberater mit eidg. FA / Ausbilder mit eidg. FA (i.A.)

Beat Edelmann

CRM Trainer, Certified Coach, Trainer with eidg. FA, Master of Arts & Social Worker Diploma

Florian Pfab

HR-Fachmann mit eidg. FA, Personalassistent Zert. HRSE

Team Competence

The teachers at PerUnit are proven subject specialists and have at least an SVEB certificate course instructor to join the PerUnit team. Further training to become a trainer with a federal certificate and/or MAS Coaching FH is supported by PerUnit. Supervision and internal further training (annual) are carried out for the further development of the teachers.


Experienced specialists are also available for advisory mandates. The exchange within the team is ensured with absolute discretion. All persons involved adhere to the duty of confidentiality. Information is never passed on to third parties without your consent.