Educational offers for individuals and classes

PerUnit is the Swiss educational institute that creates and conducts online educational offers. These offers are available to all interested individuals, institutions and companies. The participants are accompanied by specialists, lecturers, trainers and/or coaches according to the programme and the needs of the respective subject areas.

The educational concept of PerUnit is oriented towards the holistic perception of situations in which the learners find themselves and where they want to go. Teachers are oriented towards the desired change that the learning process is supposed to bring about (performance orientation), accordingly they point out the situationally necessary ability to act (competence orientation) and work for the awareness of the needed and not needed resources (resource orientation).

Learning objectives are agreed individually within the subject areas. Learners are guided through the learning process to the learning goals professionally, asynchronously and synchronously online in group and individual coaching sessions. Individual coaching courses and classes of standard 6 persons per learning guide are formed.

The topics are divided into learning sequences and structured in a building-up manner, taking into account the practice-oriented logic of the topic dependencies. This means that learning sequence 1 (LS1) must be marked as completed in order to move on to the next learning sequence. Otherwise, important basic information is missing in order to be able to understand connections. The completion of learning sequences does not necessarily require the processing of the content, because the participants themselves determine to what extent the content is useful or not. The retrieval of prior knowledge is thus ensured on an individual basis.

Our learning paradigm is based on constructivism. There is no right or wrong. The learning objectives are only bindingly agreed on the desired benefit or desired effect of the participants in the area of competence acquisition. In order for the learning success on the part of the learners to be measurable, a self-assessment is carried out for each learning sequence before the start of the topic. The learning guide will provide an external assessment so that the need for problem-solving support can be jointly defined.

Further development of the learning content and learning sequences will take place annually with an update or upgrade. Further development inputs are continuously collected and evaluated by all persons involved via course evaluation, feedback from instructors and teachers, etc.). Errors that are discovered are continuously corrected, while new ideas are initially incorporated into the development process.