The education and guidance system is growing together.

Concentrating on the essential points of orientation, which directly and indirectly influence the steering of action, makes a considerable contribution to finding solutions quickly. This means that the education system is growing together with the guidance system in functionality. Education and guidance services will gain in acceptance if the perception of competence is oriented towards performance-oriented action situations that prove useful to the current labour market. Thus, labour market development becomes a participatory component of personal guidance and development.

The competence orientation for reintegration into the primary labour market requires a context-related understanding of the process level as well as the relationship level of effective intervention practice. The conscious, non-judgemental perception of the actual situation combined with the acceptance of change process-related behavioural patterns and the associated orientations in process guidance should be applied across the system. Sustainability in education and guidance requires the development of resources that can be applied in specific situations and generate broad benefits. The focus is also on the promotion of a flexible attitude and conversion competence for the short- and medium-term ability to act and the long-term success in labour integration.

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